Culture Access Pass for New Citizens

New Citizens in the first year of their citizenship are eligible to receive a complimentary Cultural Access Pass (CAP).

CAP is a national program funded and supported through the Institute for Canadian Citizenship; the pass enables New Citizens to become more familiar with Canadian culture and some of the most prominent cultural institutions in their new communities. This pass allows the pass holder and up to 4 of his/her dependent children to have multiple free admissions at participating arts & heritage organizations. The pass is valid for one year from the date on their oath taking ceremony. This pass is non-renewable and is valid at all participating organizations across Canada. This pass is valid for performance based events in London and complimentary tickets have to be picked up from box office prior to the event date.

For more details on registration and information related to this pass, please visit 

The Cultural Access Pass (CAP) is accepted at the following London locations: 

Aeolian Hall

Banting House National Historic Site

Canadian Medical Hall of Fame

Eldon House

Fanshawe Chorus London

Fanshawe Pioneer Village

Forest City Gallery

The Grand Theatre

Home County Music & Art Festival

London Potters Guild 

London Pro Musica

London Children's Museum

London Youth Symphony

Karen Schuessler Singers

McIntosh Gallery

Museum London

Museum of Ontario Archeaology

The Palace Theatre

The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum 

Secrets of Radar Museum


TAP Centre for Creativity

Pass pick-up locations: 

The London Cross Cultural Learner Centre
505 Dundas Street
London Ontario

The South London Neighbourhood Resource Centre
1119 Jalna Blvd.
London Ontario

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who is eligible for Cultural Access Pass (CAP)?
Any person (18 years of age or older) who has received their Canadian citizenship (in the last 365 days) is eligible for CAP.

2. How do I register for CAP?
Go to and register online by clicking the button reading "Register for CAP."

3. How many people does CAP grant admission to?
CAP grants admission to the pass holder and up to 4 of his/her dependent children under the age of 18 years.

4. Where can I pick up my CAP?
CAP can be picked at either of the pickup locations designated above: London Cross Cultural Learner Centre or South London Neighbourhood Resource Centre.

5. What do I need to pick up my CAP?
You will require: Confirmation code (provided upon registration) + Commemorative document + Photo ID

6. Can CAP be mailed?
No. CAP has to be picked up in person because the pickup locations need to verify eligibility.

7. Does CAP expire?
CAP is valid for one year from the date you are sworn in as citizen.

8. Can my spouse or partner use my CAP?
No. CAP can only be used by the pass holder.

9. Who is a pass holder?
The person whose name appears on the CAP is the pass holder.

10. How much does CAP cost?
CAP is free of charge for general admission to participating institutions. It may not be valid for special presentations or events, parking and separately priced exhibitions or programs. Please visit the websites of participating institutions for full admission details.

11. Are performing arts organizations covered by CAP?
Yes. Some restrictions may apply. Please visit the websites of participating institutions for full admission details.

12. Can children apply separately for CAP?
No. Children under 18 years of age are granted access only when accompanied by their parent if their parent is a pass holder.

13. Is CAP valid in other cities/communities?
Yes. You can use your CAP pass to access any of the participating institutions across the country. For a full list of participating institutions visit 

14. What should I do if I have lost my CAP?